l. The Established Date of Alumni of Department of Food Science and Technology:  August, 2001

2. Goal

(1). Help Alumni friendship activities and positively serve our departmental friends.
(2). Contact our Alumni actively and understand what they have done lately.
(3). Provide information on studies, placement and advanced studies for our Alumni.
(4). Assist Alumni Association activities and apply for membership matters.  
(5). Promote other related welfare matters with Alumni.

3. Be a membership

(1). The alumni of HungKuang Junior College of Nursing & Technology, HungKuang Institute of Technology and HungKuang University can apply to be a membership.
(2). Ordinary Membership: 500 NT dollars (only pay once for your life)
(3). Life Membership
2800 NT dollars (only pay once for your life)
(4). Alumni membership card can enjoy a variety of rights and consuming preferential treatment.

4. How can you be a membership ?

(1). Use postal account number to apply
 postal usernameAlumni of HungKuang University 
 postal account number22280233
 Contact Alumni Telephone Number(04)26318652 ext. 2265
(3). Or Fax to: (04)26315843
(4). Please download Alumni Association Membership Application Form

5. Alumni Benefits

(1). Provide free journals for alumni.
(2). Alumni who participate in the programs of center for Professional Advancement enjoy preferential treatment. Alumni who take credit class can enjoy 5% discount of preferential treatment; similarly, they can enjoy 10% discount of preferential treatment if they take non credit class. 
(3). If Alumni have Life Membership, they can freely use many kinds of school facilities.
(4). If Alumni have Ordinary Membership, they can visit Kuang Tien General Hospital and take preferential treatment as well as the faculty and staff of HungKuang University
(5). Alumni can participate in any departmental activities and enjoy preferential treatment.
(6). If Alumni have Life Membership, they can enjoy 20% discount of preferential treatment for sending food to test in Food Inspection Center.

6. Something under Construction and Development
(1). Issue publications, report alma mater activities of current situations and Alumni Association activities.
(2). Compile Alumni Contacts regularly and update them from time to time. 
(3). Establish Department Association Internet, providing the updated news for Alumni and keeping in touch with each other.
(4). The department Holds General Membership Meeting, uniting the force of department friends, accumulating greater kinetic energy for the department, and finally giving the best service for our alumni.

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