Teaching Equipment


 The expensive equipment(The instructor in charge: Dr. Ming-Hua Yang), D206


The expensive equipment includes infrared spectrometer、colorimeter、distinction collector、polarimeter、tissue measuring device、supercritical fluid extraction device、

Blood analyzer、buck slot、hot off equipment、high-performance liquid、chromatography GC-MS、ultraviolet rays/visible spectrophotometer、

capillary electrophoresis、DNA lighting system、atomic absorption spectrometer.

 Fermentation Biotechnology(The instructor in charge: Dr. Jinn-Fa Hwang), D101



The expensive equipment includes touch fermenter、retort sterilizer、refrigeration cycle trough、Vacuum dryer、grinder、trim filling machine electric equipment.

    (The instructor in charge: Mr. Jiunn-Yeh Chen), D404


The expensive equipment includes tissue homogenizer、high-speed emulsifying machine、desktop centrifuge、carbon dioxide incubator、high-speed centrifuge、high-speed refrigerated centrifuge、vacuum filter unit、ultra-low temperature freezer、organization analyzer、Rapid Visco Analyzer RVA, differential scanning calorimetry DSC analyzerinverted microscope equipped with a lighting system, etc.。

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