Cross-Strait Exchanges


Food Baking Manufacturing 4.0 Seminar


The department and the information management department and information engineering department of the school are held at 12: 40-17: 00 yesterday, at noon. There is a seminar on the baking and baking industry in the small conference hall. The department of food science and technology is the only department of food science and technology , Is also the Ministry of Education designated the school to promote the food baking industry industry, 4.0 of the host system, the Department of the trend and promote the industry 4.0, automation and the concept of Internet of things, especially with the school's Department of Information Management and Information Engineering Department This seminar will be the first cross-cutting seminar in this school. The significance is even more extraordinary. I would also like to thank the President of the school, Mr Wong Yau Kui, for taking the floor. The seminar was attended by a total of about 70 participants from the food industry, the bakery industry, the information industry and the teachers and students of the teachers and students of the school, and invited the food industry, the bakery industry and the information industry experts. And the famous Italian baking scholars for the world's wheat species and its use, agricultural production experience and Internet of things application, the food industry, the key to the success of marketing, industrial 4.0 in the baking industry applications and the Italian food production and other keynote speeches, the content easy to understand and cut The current trend of industrial automation era, and fully demonstrated the importance of cross-domain integration, so that the advanced to the industry 4.0 has a new understanding and applied to China's food baking manufacturing industry, the event was quite successful.








 The Teaching Forum ahouInstitute of Technology


Dr. Lih-Yuan Lin and Dr. Jeng-Chih Tsai participated in the Teaching Forum....Photos of the Teaching Forum


 The Cooperative Education Association between Lishui Vocational and Technical College and Hungkuang University



                                   Miss Jing-Jing Li and Mr.Ting-Jen Hu, Director of Human Resources, Miss Shu-An Chang, co-director of Center for Professional Advancement, Hungkuang University participated in the cooperative education association…Photos of the association


The special guests visiting at Southwest University at Chongqing City in the Two-Sides Exchange Activities





Yao Ke, director of the department with 104.1 semester pen mainlad Chaozhou Hanshan Wuzhi Nan, Wang Yunhui, Wei Suoying, Luoshu Wei, Su Xiaomin and Zhou Xiaozhi and other six shorter research students posed for pictures 105.01.25


Yao Ke, director of the department pen, Chen Yushun teachers and mainland China Sea Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Qingdao wide ZHU Ren Liu, chairman and general manager Kiichi posed for pictures 105.05.09

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