Department of food science and technology was established in 1981.

Food and baking practical skills is the education goal for talent cultivation of the department.

Bachelor and master programs are available for day and night school. Diligent faculty members and students promotes harmonious atmosphere for active learning in the department. Overseas internship and academic exchange enrich practical skills of trainee and broaden global views of faculty members.



The department established six testing rooms, such as for certification of processing Chinese rice, processing Chinese noodles, baking food, food inspection and analysis, chemistry and processing meat product.


Testing and Analysis Center for Food and Cosmetics (TACFC) in Hungkuang University inistry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) or by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). At present, there are two accredited laboratories including chemical and biological testing laboratories.

Future development

Graduates of food science and technology department can work in food, bakery, and pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies for production management, quality control, marketing and planning, and micro-entrepreneurs or as school teachers.

Teaching Facilities

Food Skills Building

Food Technology Building

Food Processing Lab

1st valuable apparatus room

Chinese cuisine demonstration classroom

2nd valuable apparatus room

Baking Research Room

General Chemistry Lab

Baking Demonstration Classroom

Biochemistry & Organic chemistry Lab

Chinese Cuisine Examination Room

Food Analysis Lab

Food Baking Examination Room

Microbiology Lab

Chinese Style Rice Examination Room

Testing and Analysis Center for Food and Cosmetics

Chinese Style Pastry Examination Room

Drug Dispensing Apparatus Room


Food Inspection and Analysis Testing Fields


Recruiting Subjects

(1)The graduate school of the Department of the Food Science and Technology is open for the  graduates majoring in medicinePharmacyMedical TechnologyFood ScienceNutritionNursingBiotechnologyLife SciencesChemistryChemical EngineeringAgricultural ChemistryNutrition and Health SciencesCosmetic Applications and Managementand other Biology-related departments.

(2)The Department is also open for the graduates of senior high schoolscomprehensive senior high school and vocational senior high school.

(3)Please refer to the web of Center for Admissions and Strategy of Hungkuang University & Office of International Affairs.