Job title Name Responsibilities Position agent
Chairperson Leu Sew-Fen

ext : :5003

Comprehensive department business YANG CHIH-WEI



ext : :5059

Assist the director in administrative work
Administration Staff WANG SHAO YING

ext : :5002

Selection and application matters for four-year technology programs
Contact about departmental meals and activities
Selection of secondary education programs
Administrative matters of visiting (venture arrangement)
Application for scholarships and admission to society
Application for training subsidies
Activities of departmental societies in day and night school systems
Mentors’ meeting; weekly meeting (incl. meeting with department chairman)
Students affairs
Sorting of materials of application for government projects
Cooperation on R&D Office’s publication of teachers’ or students’ academic results
Holding academic workshops
Affairs of food analysis & test skill examination
Allowances management
Assisting integration of industrial-educational cooperative affairs
Sorting general budget information; Budgeting on apparatus subsidies
Purchase and management of journals and books for the department
Application for department development funds
Management of undergraduate and graduate student affairs
.Ray-Hsing Lin.
Administration Staff SU RU NU ZHEN
Curricular affairs (course selection, scheduling, subjects & credits totaling).
Waiving of courses in undergraduate departments and graduate schools
Counseling in course selection for departmental transferring and reentering students.
Engagement and submission for approval of full- and part-time teachers.
Matters on lecturing fees for teachers.
Matters on departmental affairs, discussions on teaching, curricular affairs and meeting of departmental teaching review.
Matters on laws and regulations.
Matters on remedial teaching.
Application for internship certificates
Matters on counseling in advance study, employment and survey
Document system management
Ray-Hsing Lin
Administration Staff Lin Ray Hsing
Cleaning, drug preparation, apparatus management at ordinary chemical, biochemical, organic, food analysis, analytic, microbes labs
Counting, maintenance and cleaning of classroom materials and apparatus
Management of drugs at pharmacy; application for chemicals and experiment apparatus
Cleaning, drugs apparatus counting at term commencement, mid-term and end of term
Assistance in preparation of evaluation materials
Preparation of chemicals and materials at Levels B & C examination of food inspection; preparation of experimental results Support to preparation of materials and drugs in chemical & food test and analysis class, and preparation of experiment courses in other related departments (e.g., cosmetics, biotechnology, nutrition, hair styling); support to seminar activities of the department
Management of online registration of the department’s toxicants and chemicals
Instruction on drug preparation to students
Treatment and application for handling of waste fluids at the labs and research rooms in Bldg. D
Service and maintenance of lab apparatus
Departmental fees management
Certificate survey